Water Resources

We understand that water is a precious natural resource necessary for life, business, and recreation. To improve the quality and long-term sustainability of this resource, Lakeshore Environmental’s Water Resources Division has assembled a team of scientists and engineers devoted to providing our clients with innovative and practical solutions that improve the environment, conserve water, and encourage responsible recreation. Our services include:

  • Lake Improvement Feasibility Studies
  • Aquatic Plant Surveys and Management
  • Fisheries Surveys and Management
  • Inland Lake and Stream Permitting
  • Lake Depth Contour Mapping
  • Inland Lakes and Watershed Management
  • Best Management Practices
  • Sediment and Soil Analysis
  • Dredging Feasibility Studies and Permitting
  • Lake Level Assessments
  • Algal Analyses and Management
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling
  • Special Assessment Districts and Financing
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Low Impact Development
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Control