LEI sees significant increase in vapor intrusion assessments.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has recently finalized a new Vapor Intrusion (VI) Guidance Document to assist environmental consultants and others with the assessment of potential VI concerns at contaminated properties compromised with volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  This document has led to a defined method of evaluating VI concerns.  As a result, LEI has experienced a significant increase in VI assessments associated with real estate transactions where VOC impacted property is a concern.   In fact, over the past few weeks, LEI has been retained to conduct comprehensive and high profile VI assessments at numerous locations across Michigan.  

LEI’s familiarity with the DEQ’s VI Guidance Document, ability to interpret the findings of a VI assessment, and capability of mitigating VI exposure concerns has resulted in a strong level of comfort with our clients.  Trust us to provide you with the right guidance on all your VI concerns.