Local County Wastewater Treatment System

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) performed a wetland investigation of 1,850 acres of property owned by a nearby county.  Activities involved a review of available state and federal information, an on-Site review of topography, vegetation and soils, and indicators of wetland hydrology.  The investigation was consistent with state and federal guidelines.  Based on the presence of wetland areas at several locations across the Site, LEI provided recommendations for future land-use planning.

Holland-Area gas station secures Lakeshore Environmental for cleanup investigation.

Lakeshore Environmental recently discovered significant soil and groundwater contamination at an existing gas station in Holland, Michigan during a preliminary subsurface investigation. Upon discovery of the contamination, numerous soil borings and monitoring wells were installed to define the extent of contamination. Removal of source soil contamination was completed followed by the installation of a soil vapor extraction and air sparge treatment system to remediate impacted groundwater.