Gas Station Owner Hires LEI for Remediation Services

A Newaygo County gas station owner has retained LEI for remedial investigation and cleanup activities related to a leaking underground storage tank system.  LEI will be tasked with initially evaluating the extent of soil and groundwater contamination followed by source removal activities.  

LEI obtained the work based on our client interaction skills, regulatory knowledge, experience with similar type jobs, staff and resource capabilities, and quick turnaround of services.  Activities at this facility are slated to commence in May 2013.

LEI helps local community gardening program

LEI recently received results from our 2012 participation in Grand Haven’s Community Gardening Program.  A snapshot is provided below.   

47 – the number of gardening plots LEI supplied water for

28 – the number of families that used these plots, 13% of whom qualified as low income households

940 – the pounds of fresh produce generated from the gardening plots 

We are looking forward to continuing our support of this program in 2013.

LEI hires new Civil/Environmental Engineer

LEI is pleased to announce that Eric Klompmaker has joined our growing engineering department.  Eric is a Professional Engineer with over eight years of experience in sustainable low impact development, stormwater green infrastructure engineering, onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal systems, food processor wastewater management, civil engineering construction plan development, and stormwater modeling.  His diverse background will assist LEI’s various environmental service departments.

LEI works with Grand Haven High School to enhance Science Program


LEI partnered with the Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg Chamber of Commerce and Grand Haven High School (GHHS) in the Educators Working for Relevancy Program to bring relevancy from the workplace to the classroom.  The primary program initiative for LEI was to assist GHHS with improving their existing environmental educational curriculum through exposure to real-world business experiences.  This was achieved through various job shadowing events and a series of interviews focused on providing insight on educational requirements for employment in the environmental consulting industry.  LEI enjoyed working with GHHS and looks forward to future educational development opportunities.

LEI to open new Grand Rapids office

To service our growing client base in Grand Rapids, and to provide quicker response to our Lansing and Kalamazoo area clients, LEI will be opening an office on the northwest side of Grand Rapids.  Operations out of the Grand Rapids office will commence in late November/early December 2012.  Staff in the Grand Rapids office will consist of Geologists, Engineers, and other Professional Scientists.  LEI’s President, Roman Wilson, stated that the company’s significant growth over the past few years has led to this exciting businesss expansion.  “We are thrilled to have this opportunity and anticipate tremendous success”.

LEI Contracted To Oversee Emergency Spill Clean-Up – Grand Rapids, MI

In the early morning hours of September 6, 2012 a semi-tractor and trailer headed southbound on US-131 in Grand Rapids, Michigan crashed into the barricades near the ramp to west bound I-196.  The crash caused the large fuel tanks on the truck to burst spreading diesel fuel and fire throughout the area.  Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident and the fire department and emergency cleanup contractors were on site to respond.  The fuel spill, however, impacted unpaved portions of the roadway to the east and west of the ramp.

Removal of impacted soil on west side of ram

Removal of impacted soil on west side of ramp.

On September 11, 2012, LEI assisted Young’s Environmental Cleanup, Inc. in the excavation and disposal of around 80 cubic yards of impacted soil.  Restoration activities continued into the following day with the placement of fresh top soil, seed, and erosion prevention mats.

LEI to Present at NALMS Conference

Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) will be presenting at the annual North American Lake Management Society Conference in November 2012.  LEI will be discussing the benefits of laminar flow aeration based on actual data obtained from recent pilot tests conducted in Michigan inland lakes.

Magnetic Survey of Property in Mid-Michigan Revealed Presence of Landfills

As a result of environmental due-diligence conducted by Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI), a magnetic survey was performed in key areas of a mid-Michigan facility resulting in the identification of four landfills covering a total area of around one football field and to a depth of over 16 feet below the ground surface.

These historical landfills, also known as farm dumps, dated back to the early-1960’s and included household and industrial trash, scrap metal, and construction debris.  Without LEI’s effort, the purchaser would have been unaware of this material and the potential environmental ramifications of informal land-filling at that property.

Over 300 Tons of Crude Oil and Brine Impacted Soil Excavated

Thanks to modern environmental regulations and caring oil and gas producers/developers, oil and gas exploration activities are typically harmless to the environment.  Historical oil and gas production activities, however, were not so kind.

During the summer of 2012, Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) assisted a lakeshore oil producer in the voluntary remediation of over 300 tons (220 cubic yards) of crude oil and brine impacted soil present at a facility as a result of this historical legacy.  This activity will result in the ongoing protection of the drinking water and sensitive wildlife habitats in the area.

Lakeshore Environmental Hired to Assist in Blueberry Wastewater Discharge Permitting

Coming under scrutiny recently by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) was on the forefront of assisting Michigan’s blueberry growers and packers in obtaining groundwater discharge permits.

These facilities usually produce a limited volume of low strength wastewater over a short two-month packing season making permitting relatively easy with minimal sampling requirements.  The consensus among recent permittees was to get permitted before the state acted negatively upon the industry, a position LEI endorses.