LEI’s summer internship program begins

LEI has hired Nathan Koella and Caitlin Callow to participate in our summer internship program.  Nathan and Caitlin are both pursuing a career in environmental engineering and currently attend Grand Valley State University and Calvin College, respectively.  LEI’s summer internship program is designed to expose interns to various environmental projects and create opportunities for hands on practical experience.

Village of Ravenna hires LEI for Brownfield Redevelopment Services

LEI assisted the Village of Ravenna (Village) with the creation of a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (BRA) in early 2013.  Creation of the BRA enabled the Village to pursue Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Brownfield Redevelopment Grant and Loan funding to assist with the conversion of a contaminated former automotive dealership to a commercial retail store.  LEI assisted the Village with obtaining $149,250 in MDEQ Brownfield Redevelopment Grant and Loan funds for completion of Baseline Environmental Assessment activities; asbestos, lead-paint, and ballast surveys; contaminated soil removal; a Due Care Plan; and wetland cleanup of tires and automotive parts.

In addition, LEI prepared a Brownfield Plan and Act 381 Work Plan to facilitate tax capture of new local and state tax increments generated from the redevelopment project for a short period of time.  The tax capture will be utilized to pay back the MDEQ Loan funds, reimburse the developer for approved eligible environmental costs previously incurred, and create a local site remediation revolving fund.

Blight Elimination Grant funding through the Michigan Land Bank was also obtained by the Village and was utilized to offset demolition costs relative to the redevelopment.

The redevelopment project commenced in April 2013 and is expected to be completed by early July 2013.

Food Processor Retains LEI for Wastewater Engineering and Management Services

A West Michigan based food processor has contracted LEI to engineer and construct two lined basins for management of process wastewater.  The basins will provide proper storage of process wastewater for treatment prior to eventual land application pursuant to applicable regulatory guidelines. 

LEI will monitor the ongoing operation of this system to ensure optimal performance and protection of the environment.  Eventual land application of the process wastewater will result in the recharge of groundwater, a precious Michigan resource. 

This project is another example of how LEI has developed a sustainable solution to a business challenge, which will also result in long-term monetary savings to our client.

Gas Station Owner Hires LEI for Remediation Services

A Newaygo County gas station owner has retained LEI for remedial investigation and cleanup activities related to a leaking underground storage tank system.  LEI will be tasked with initially evaluating the extent of soil and groundwater contamination followed by source removal activities.  

LEI obtained the work based on our client interaction skills, regulatory knowledge, experience with similar type jobs, staff and resource capabilities, and quick turnaround of services.  Activities at this facility are slated to commence in May 2013.

LEI obtains wetland permit for restoration project

As part of a brownfield redevelopment project in southeastern Muskegon County, LEI secured a Wetland Permit through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Water Resources Division, under provisions of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended, and Parts 31 and 303.  The Wetland Permit will enable LEI to restore regulated wetland along a prime trout stream that historically served as a dumping area.  Items to be removed from the dumping area include automobile parts, tires, metal, broken concrete, and other materials.

LEI helps local community gardening program

LEI recently received results from our 2012 participation in Grand Haven’s Community Gardening Program.  A snapshot is provided below.   

47 – the number of gardening plots LEI supplied water for

28 – the number of families that used these plots, 13% of whom qualified as low income households

940 – the pounds of fresh produce generated from the gardening plots 

We are looking forward to continuing our support of this program in 2013.

LEI hires new Civil/Environmental Engineer

LEI is pleased to announce that Eric Klompmaker has joined our growing engineering department.  Eric is a Professional Engineer with over eight years of experience in sustainable low impact development, stormwater green infrastructure engineering, onsite wastewater treatment and dispersal systems, food processor wastewater management, civil engineering construction plan development, and stormwater modeling.  His diverse background will assist LEI’s various environmental service departments.

LEI retained for large soil remediation project

LEI will be supervising the removal of hundreds of cubic yards of arsenic impacted soil to facilitate a proposed residential development in the southeast portion of West Michigan.  The arsenic impacted soil exceeds DEQ direct contact cleanup criteria and threatens future land-use options.  During a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and subsequent Phase II Investigation, LEI determined that the property was a former orchard where insecticides were likely applied.

LEI works with Grand Haven High School to enhance Science Program


LEI partnered with the Grand Haven, Spring Lake, and Ferrysburg Chamber of Commerce and Grand Haven High School (GHHS) in the Educators Working for Relevancy Program to bring relevancy from the workplace to the classroom.  The primary program initiative for LEI was to assist GHHS with improving their existing environmental educational curriculum through exposure to real-world business experiences.  This was achieved through various job shadowing events and a series of interviews focused on providing insight on educational requirements for employment in the environmental consulting industry.  LEI enjoyed working with GHHS and looks forward to future educational development opportunities.

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