LEI assists with Wetland Restoration Project

LEI was retained by the City of Grand Haven to develop an alternative wetland mitigation plan that would be used to facilitate the construction of wetland on Harbor Island.  The alternative wetland mitigation plan prepared by LEI was approximately $200,000 less than original plans prepared by another consulting firm.

In addition to the development aspects of the project, LEI was also contracted to obtain regulatory approval of the wetland mitigation plan and construct the wetland.  Regulatory approval of the alternative wetland mitigation plan has been obtained and construction of the wetland has commenced.  LEI expects to have the project completed by the end of 2014.

Brownfield Redevelopment Completed in Grand Haven


Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) was retained by a local business (GLASSource) to provide environmental services necessary for the successful restoration and redevelopment of a former machine shop located in Grand Haven, Michigan.  The former machine shop was compromised with unusable building space and adverse environmental conditions.  LEI utilized its Brownfield expertise to: assist the developer with demolition activities and complete complex Baseline Environmental Assessment, Due Care, and Response Activities for approval by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and U.S. Small Business Administration.  The project resulted in the restoration and refurbishment of approximately 70,000 plus square feet of existing building space, construction of nearly 20,000 square feet of new office and industrial space, creation of new jobs, increased tax base for the City of Grand Haven, and significantly improved aesthetic and environmental conditions.  The repurposed building now serves as the main headquarters and production facility for GLASSource, a specialty glass and mirror manufacturer.

Brownfield redevelopment cleanup activities commence near Pittsburg, PA

A national chain commercial retail developer retained Lakeshore Environmental, Inc. (LEI) to conduct environmental cleanup activities associated with the redevelopment of a property near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  The property formerly operated as a service station.

LEI recently supervised the removal of an underground storage tank and will complete soil excavation activities by the end of September 2014.  It is anticipated that the redevelopment will be completed by late fall of 2014.

LEI partners with Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is a summer camp program offered to individuals, ages 12 to 50, with moderate cognitive impairments.  The camps operate from Camp Blodgett in West Olive, MI and Camp Henry in Newaygo, MI.  LEI has been supporting Camp Sunshine for a number of years and enjoyed participating in and sponsoring the 2014 Run for the Sun 5K event, which raised more than $11,000 for the camp.

City of Muskegon Heights retains LEI for Brownfield Redevelopment Grant Project

LEI has been retained by the City of Muskegon Heights to manage a $100,000 Brownfield Redevelopment Grant issued by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  The grant funds will be used for Baseline Environmental Assessment activities, due care investigation, and response activities related to the redevelopment of a former crane manufacturing property.  Redevelopment of the property will involve the construction of a new industrial facility, resulting in the creation of new jobs, a significant increase to the City’s tax base, and improved aesthetic and environmental conditions.


Jean Harms obtains additional Asbestos Building Inspector Certifications

LEI is pleased to announce that Jean Harms has successfully obtained her certifications to conduct asbestos surveys in the states of Pennsylvania and New York.  These certifications will assist LEI’s ability to better serve our growing project portfolios in these states.  Jean has served as LEI’s lead asbestos surveyor in Michigan since 2010.

LEI completes UST and soil removal activites at Pennsylvania site

Brownfield redevelopment activities have been completed at the new location of a commercial retail facility in central Pennsylvania.  LEI was hired to supervise the removal of several underground storage tanks and excavation and proper disposal of contaminated soil.

All tasks completed/supervised by LEI were conducted during redevelopment activities – requiring fast response and completion times and good communication with the developer, contractors and field staff.  LEI was able to manage the project so that no developer deadlines were missed.

Melissa Powers obtains Asbestos Building Inspector Certification

LEI is excited to announce that Melissa Powers has successfully obtained her Asbestos Building Inspector Certification.  She is now licensed in the State of Michigan through LARA and the MIOSHA – Asbestos Program to conduct asbestos building surveys.  This will enhance LEI’s ability to further meet the needs of our clients.